"I reached out to Janelle for assistance with sponsoring my spouse for residency. She was quick in responding throughout the process. She was very well organized and able to communicate with us to help us better understand the immigration paperwork and process. We were on a tight deadline and her organization allowed us to meet that deadline. I felt confident in our application through her assistance. I would definitely recommend her and use her again in the future as this process continues."

Sage A.

"Ms. Janelle Mosher was awesome to work with. She communicated clearly and went above and beyond to do so, assisting my husband and I both in our dominant languages. She made a complicated process seem manageable. Her dedication and love for what she does is very apparent. It is clear she respects and cares for her clients."

Abby P.

"We love working with Janelle!

Janelle is the best immigration lawyer we've talked to. She's always responsive, knowledgable, and super nice. The immigration process can be stressful, but Janelle makes it very efficient. Both my partner and I are working full time, and Janelle is able to work around our schedule, which makes our life so much easier!

When working with Janelle, she answered all the questions we had, provided detailed explanations of the whole process, and carefully checked all the documents we've submitted to her. Her information is up-to-date, and she was able to analyze how the latest immigration policies may impact our application. She even recommended family attorneys and judges for our marriage.

Her price is also very affordable compared to other attorneys I've talked to (in Seattle and Salt Lake City).

Things we love about Janelle:
° Quality Service
° Great Communication
° Affordable Pricing
° Super Friendly Personality
° Knowledgable
° Fast & Easy Application Process

If you are looking for an immigration attorney, talk to Janelle!"

Mars C.

"My review is based on a consultation I recently had. I have yet to hire Janelle, due to personal timing, but I wanted to get my review up because I was so impressed with her initial service!  

Janelle reached out promptly after my initial online inquiry and we had a phone consultation scheduled in no time. I was extremely pleased with our conversation. She took time to answer all of my questions and talk me through the immigration process (specific to my situation). She was unsure of a particular issue during the call but took the time to further research and get back to me soon after. Above and beyond what I would expect for a initial consult at no charge! I could tell she was very knowledgeable, polite and professional over the phone - would definitely recommend!"

Margaret S.

"Janelle was Amazing!!  I have a friend who is undocumented and I wanted to find out what I could do to give him a legal status.  I didn't have any luck on the internet, and needed professional help on what I should do.  Janelle talked to me, then talked to my friend.  She is fluent in Spanish which was a big help in understanding his situation and asking specific questions to find any way he might be able to pursue a legal status in our country.  She was able to point out a number of options for us.  She demonstrated a real concern for our situation, patient with my questions and did not mind that we ran over the time of our initial appointment. I will always come back to Janelle if I have a question on immigration and would definitely recommend her to anyone else with a question on immigration or who had an immigration question."

Jay Z.

"Incredible immigration attorney! From the get-go, Janelle has been very responsive, communicative and most importantly, clearly very knowledgeable. She is very careful and prepares for all possible scenarios to ensure ironclad cases for her clients.

Our Green Card interview went super smooth and we had everything needed at hand and more! Throughout the whole process since we hired her, Janelle has been very kind and responsive, and was always there answering any and every question and scenario. I couldn't have been happier and I absolutely recommend to anyone!

Thank you very much, Janelle! Been a real pleasure working with you!"

John M.

"She is super knowledgeable
Very kind and caring
i recommend her %100"

Mary B.

"She is the best!!!! that's all i can tell good customer service i had a fon interview with her today that's was so perfect thank you Janelle i will recommend you as much as i can"

James A.

"Janelle was extremely helpful through the entire Citizenship (N-400) application process.  In our first conversation, she listed all the things I needed to prepare and asked all the right questions to ensure my eligibility.  When I asked her about changing my name, she let me know that USCIS had changed its procedures and I could no longer do it through the citizenship process. Even so, she provided a detailed information/process on how to do it and helped me get my name change done at the Seattle courthouse. Janelle is very knowledgeable about immigration and got back to all my questions on time, even after work hours.  It took less than 1 week for Janelle to review my application and send the documents. She's amazing!

Janelle preparo mi aplicacion para la ciudadania Americana (N-400).  En nuestro primer encuentro, me dio un listado de todos los documentos que necesitaba para la aplicación y me hizo varias preguntas para asegurar mi elegibilidad para la ciudadania.  Cuando le pregunte sobre el cambio de nombre, me dijo que el cambio de nombre ya no se hace por USCIS, si no por el courthouse de Seattle y me dio todos los datos que yo necesitaba para procesar el cambio de nombre legal.  Ella se demoro menos de una semana en preparar mis documentos y mandar la aplicación.  Es buenísima!"

Nat L.

"Ms Janelle Mosher is an attorney that is smart, efficient, and professional.  

First, Janelle runs her office very efficiently.  When you call other immigration attorneys, you're screened by a paralegal.  Typically, you have to answer questions with this paralegal, that have nothing to do with your question.  

Frequently, you have to re-explain it again to the attorney.  Sometimes, it takes forever for the attorney to ever get back to you with an answer.  Sometimes the answer does not contain anything you could not have found out yourself with a quick Google search.  So, some immigration attorneys are largely a waste of time.  

Second, my question had to do with investment and visas.  It was a question that required a more nuance knowledge of immigration law.  While other attorneys did not seem to have much expertise in this issue, Janelle seemed far more knowledgeable.  

If you were to measure immigration law on a scale of 1 to 5 on how complicated they are, the vast majority of immigration law questions fall within the 1-2 range, where answers are pretty standard, and it involves filling out boilerplate paperwork.  A lot of immigration attorneys can handle issues within that 1-2 range, but are unable to figure out the questions in the 4-5 range that require a more nuanced understanding of the law, and more thought.  

Janelle can handle issues from simple to complicated.  She was smart, efficient, and professional."

Andrew Y.

"I work as an attorney and a friend asked me a complex immigration law question. I do not work in immigration law, so I did research but was seeking a more conclusive answer. I asked a few colleagues I knew that actually worked as immigration attorneys. None of them could come up with a better, more conclusive answer, many seemed to have less answers than I did. Someone mentioned that Janelle knew a lot about this issue. I consulted with her, and she was well-researched and seemed more knowledgeable than a lot of very experienced immigration law attorneys. I would highly recommend her and plan on referring clients to her. It’s rare to find thoughtful, well-researched attorneys, especially for complex issues of law."

Kenny C.

"After receiving my green card in 2007, I was ready to finally apply for citizenship. Janelle made the process very easy and straightforward. She knew exactly what was needed and I was able to complete collecting all required documentation in less than a day. Having recently traveled for nearly a year outside of the US, Janelle made sure to attach additional documents explaining my absence to minimize chances of delay or rejection. She has paid attention to every detail and was extremely efficient and professional. I would highly recommend her."

Chandler H.

"I contacted Janelle with an inquiry on my citizenship process and upcoming interview. She not only answered all my questions, but also provided additional insight on my next steps during the Citizenzhip interview. She is very professional and down to earth human who would put herself in your shoes to make sure you are ready for the next chapter. She is very knowledgeable in her field and hiring her services has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I fully recommend her for any questions and processes regarding citizenship processing."

Carolina H.

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