Progression of a Case

All cases start with a free consultation. Because immigration law is complicated and every client has a different story, a consultation is necessary to find out what kind of immigration relief you’re eligible for. Please call or fill out the contact form to set up a consultation.


After the consultation, you’ll receive a Professional Services Agreement. It will list all the terms of your representation. Everything is laid out, including the total price for handling your case. If necessary, you can make monthly payments after a deposit is paid.


Most immigration cases are completed by sending forms, fees, and evidence to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department (USCIS). You’ll give us the information needed for the forms by answering a simple questionnaire. All documentation needed can be submitted through our secure client portal. After receipt of all the questionnaire and evidence, a packet will be compiled for submission to USCIS.

Local Clients

If you live in Washington, all of our contact can be face to face at my office in Redmond. 

Virtual Lawyer

Because immigration law is federal you can use any attorney in the country. You no longer have to waste your time driving downtown to a stuffy law office. We will use a mixture of phone, email, video conferences, and a secure client portal to efficiently complete your case. You can access your secure client portal from a computer or cell phone.

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