General Eligibility (exceptions apply):


  • You were the victim of a qualifying crime (some common examples: domestic violence, stalking, assault, false imprisonment);

  • Because of that crime you suffered physical or mental harm; and

  • You were helpful or could be helpful to the police or prosecutor in the future.


Interesting Facts:

  • It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator who committed the crime against you has status in the United States.

  • There’s no requirement that the perpetrator was found by the police or that you testified against him or her.

  • You can’t get a work permit until the U-visa is approved.



  • First, we must get a certification from a law enforcement agency certifying that you were the victim of a crime;

  • After you have a certification, we can compile your application packet to send to USCIS.


Determining whether you’re eligible for this form of relief is complicated. Please schedule a consultation if you think you might eligible.

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